Unintentional Lessons Untangled

I believe we do a lot of things unintentionally for reasons we don’t understand until later on.

This last weekend I volunteered at my first ever HOBY New Hampshire. These are two photos I took during the weekend.

1. Hands pointing at a ballon during a team building activity


2. An abandoned bird’s nest.

I am a semi obsessive “reflector”. I blame a lot of that for going to Souhegan High School.

I think about and reflect on everything and try sometimes too hard to find the lesson or pull out some type of insight from anything and everything that happens in my life, and other people’s lives.

These two photos are the two that suck out the most to me during my weekend with HOBY.

1. Throughout my life I have never really taken the time to point at a specific direction in which I’ve wanted my life to go in.

I have always winged it, with my intention being that “I am always up for what comes next”.

I have learned in the last six months that I have grown tremendously as a person by living that way.

But I have also learned that making a solid choice to focus my energies on a goal that I am super passionate about gives me direction, a purpose I never new existed and a nonlinear yet grounded direction for my life to grow in.

Pointing towards your goal is the first step in making it your reality.

Balloons pop along the way. You can view that as failure, or you can see that every ballon that pops brings you that much closer to where you want to be.

2. I thought my entire life that I wanted to abandon my home.

I wanted to run from where I was from, to ditch any thought of certainty and direction.

I needed to escape.

And for a while that is exactly what I did.

Run, run and run.

I was never coming back home.

But the problem was, I hadn’t appreciated where I was from.

I had lost appreciation even for the people that loved me.

I had unintentionally abandoned my nest for a selfish endeavor to find something I didn’t even know I was looking for, until I returned.

I was searching for stability, love and acceptance from myself.

It is important to ditch familiarity in order to give yourself a reason to come back and re-learn how to appreciate the people and the places that mean the most to you.

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