Two Years Later

Last month, my contract for Beyond My Home ran out and I almost shut it down.

For a couple days I did not renew it, even though I was getting emails upon emails reminding me.

I ignored them, thinking I couldn’t put the money or time into it anymore.

And then the day came when I typed in my URL and nothing came up. The page had been deactivated.

My heart dropped.

Beyond My Home has become who I am.

Beyond My Home is the platform for everything me.

Everything that I have ever shared on this page is 100% authentically me.

I have never lied about anything or exaggerated a story.

This website is a story of my life.

A small biography of who I have become over the last two years.

And even more importantly, Beyond My Home has been a platform for being relatable, a place where I can share my insecurities, my fears, my stories, my goals-conquered or failed with people, all people who are just simply going through life.

You guys have constantly given me the confidence to continue on this journey and share my life with you.

I don’t necessarily know why some people, like myself, feel the need to share so much with the rest of the world, so much rawness and vulnerability.

I have thought before that maybe I do it because I am selfish and just want people to pay attention to me, but I have instantly shut that down because I know for me, whether or not you understand it, I do this because I find myself becoming a little more alive every single time I get a response out of something I wrote.

Every Facebook message, “like”, comment, text, email, Instagram message etc…that I have received based on my experiences and how somebody can relate to them or how I have helped somebody more clearly see what they are going through or how relatable they are to me or anybody else, has truly been an amazing experience.

And I am not going to stop.

This is so important to me.

And maybe it is to you, too.

It is so incredibly important to me, to grow my voice, to relate to an increasing number of people and to continuously receive honest and raw responses from people I did not even know were following Beyond My Home.

I say it often, but I truly believe that if we knew how many people were actually paying attention to us and were intrigued by what we were doing with our lives, we would be so astounded by our own life, and we would have just an ounce more confidence to be proud and accepting of our simplest flaws.

Beyond My Home has given me the stamina, confidence, education, acceptance, opportunities, enlightenment, truth and so much more than I ever expected. I have created relationships with people I never imagined. I know people around the world because of Beyond My Home. I have created relationships with people I haven’t seen in a decade because of Beyond My Home.

This brand that I have established is my baby and something I am so proud to have.

At 26 years old, I don’t even own one single pair of matching socks at the moment, but if there is one thing that I do have it is the confidence that this platform is not disappearing anytime soon.

I have created a business.

I have moved back to my hometown.

I have fallen in love.

I have accepted and quit so many jobs.

I have done freelance work.

I have changed my diet and lifestyle to become a healthier version of myself.

I have cried and laughed and screamed and ran and felt as though the world was sometimes ending…

And I have accepted that ALL of it, and more to come, is all part of this beautiful process.

And I would not be in this place of understanding, excitement, acceptance and encouragement if it were not for Beyond My Home and the people, you guys, encouraging me to keep it alive.

And even though I physically am not “beyond my home” right now, I have grown so distant from the small and confused girl who dreamed of growing and moving to a far away place.

It took me a couple years of being away to realize that Beyond My Home was nothing more than stepping outside of metaphysical comfort zones and understanding how to accept myself in a way that made me strong enough to overcome even the craziest of fears.

We are all unique in a million ways, but we are all so similar and Beyond My Home isn’t going anywhere, because I feel committed to inspiring you to be the best version of yourself, to continue to grow every single day and emulate gratitude for what you have learned and where you are right now.

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