Keep Hustling

You are going to wake up one day and feel like your life is on fire.

You are crushing your goals.

You are having a rocking hair day.

Your barre class is paying off.

Your poop schedule is perfection.

You feel like the healthiest most bad ass human ever.

You are on top of the world.

And then you are going to wake up a couple days or weeks or years later and feel like somebody just took a giant shit on your life.

Your hair is dry as heck.

Your face is breaking out.

You are convinced your the fattest you have ever been.

You suck at your job.

You are making no progress in life.

You have ten zillion worries in the world.

You are constipated.

And you have a raging headache.

That is called life people.

The sparkles and shining rainbows all seem to happen at once.

And the seven hundred donkey shits on your face all happen in one day too.

I will never understand exactly why this is.

But what I have come to realize is that you control the way you move forward.

You control how and why you want and will get through the tough days.

And although you cannot keep the sparkly days forever, every single day, you CAN cherish them when you have them, remember how you feel and work your freaking booty off to figure out how to get back to the rainbows and make sure the days your poop schedule is on point outweigh the number of days you feel like you’ve got poop on your face.

Ya know what I’m saying’?

Keep hustling kids. Life rules.

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