Jenn the Gypsy

“The biggest challenge we face is shifting the human consciousness, not saving the planet. The planet doesn’t need saving, we do”



The universe moves us in strange strange ways. We are not always aware of what is happening, but we eventually realize that we were put in certain situations, have met certain people or made certain choices for reasons unknown to us at the time.

I think Jenn Fagundes gets this.

She is a soul sister.

I don’t use that term super often, because well it has one of those meanings that can be taken differently in varying context, or if you use it with the wrong company people will raise an eyebrow at you.

But if you are reading this, hopefully you will understand where I am coming from.


“And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom. •Osho” @jenn_thegypsy


“I’ve always felt a deep longing to see the West. I never knew where exactly that urging came from, all I knew was that I had to trust it”.

Jenn has been living in a tent in the Aspen, Colorado area for the last few months. She just recently “upgraded” to a van.

Most people shutter at the thought of living so minimally. Especially alone. Especially as a girl.

“I travel alone because I feel I can openly be one with my surroundings while tuning into my instinct. I find myself in a state of bliss as I tumble into the unknown, with only myself to help me back up. It’s empowering to know you can save yourself. You are your own best company” said Jenn.



“The warrior who trusts his path doesn’t need to prove the other way is wrong” @jenn_thegypsy


I sense no fear from this wandering gypsy soul.

I do sense strength and an ability to simply empower others.

“I have learned many things. Such as, showering really isn’t a necessity. That Mother Earth truly does provide everything you need- and more. And how comfortable a couch or floor can really be” said Jenn.



“just remember, Fievel- one man’s sunset is another man’s dawn. i don’t know what’s out there beyond those hills. but if you ride yonder… head up, eyes steady, heart open… i think one day you’ll find that you’re the hero you’ve been looking for” @jenn_thegypsy


Simplicity. Why do we take it for granted the way we do.

I think as soon as we escape “the daily grind” or allow ourselves to part ways with the routine society has set up for us, we truly begin to reconnect with those simple joys life so obviously offers to us, but we look past each day.


“The more I let go of how life is supposed to be the more magic flows into it” said Jenn, about her love for living a nomadic life.


“It feels good to be lost in the right direction” @jenn_thegypsy


“I drove out [to Aspen] a little over a year ago with my car packed and soul yearning. My boyfriend at the time had a condo in Snowmass and we decided to make a road trip out there. I fell in love with the mountains and atmosphere there”.

I repeat; The universe moves us in strange strange ways. We are not always aware of what is happening, but we eventually realize that we were put in certain situations, have met certain people or made certain choices for reasons unknown to us at the time.

We make all of our crazy life choices for a reason. They may not always work out the way we anticipated, but the beauty in that, is that another opportunity awaits.



Jenn spent time living in Rhode Island and South Carolina, two states where her family resides, until she knew she had to get after her desire to see the West.



“I remember listening to Led Zeppelin in middle school, there was always a line that resided within me, ‘there’s a feeling I get when I look to the west, and my spirit is crying for leaving’.

Here I am. (Led, you were right)” – Jenn.

After a year of falling in love with and exploring Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, it is time for Jenn to move onto her next adventure.

“Both my sisters are pregnant a month apart, one in South Carolina and the other Australia. My new adventure is the adventure of family. I will be one busy traveling auntie”!

How is that for a sign form the universe, and what a beautiful new adventure.

Speaking of family, Jenn’s sister Nikki is quite the traveler as well.

“Luckily my middle sister, Nikki, paved the path for me as she was quite a vagabond herself. I am extremely fortunate my family and friends all support me in my travels and quest for new explorations”.




This past winter Jenn worked as a “lifty” at Buttermilk mountain, and during the summer she has been working at Peaches, which is Aspens busiest local cafe.

“I’ll continue to pick up jobs to save and travel to the next place until I am able to be self sufficient in doing what I love”.

Today she is hiking Colorado’s rim trail, and tomorrow she is planning her fourth cross country road trip—the beginning of her vagabond adventure as “Auntie Jenn”!

When I asked her where she saw herself in five years, I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t fret and runaway from this question like most people do.

“Dreaming of the unknown, that’s the fun of life. I see myself living in another country, being happy, and continuing to grow and watch life unfold before me. Hopefully manifesting my passions into my lifestyle”.



“no one is you and that is your power” @jenn_thegypsy



And dreaming.

Most importantly “continuing to grow”.

I often wonder if we all feel these ways about life. Do we all have a little bit of a wanderlust soul, passion for ever-changing growth, optimism and a plethora of love and happiness?

I do not know if I will ever find the answer to this question, but my hope is to try.

Maybe we all have it, but some of us hide it while others are much better at brightly lighting the pathway for others.


Jenn makes it easy. I thank her for presently sharing her soul so openly with the universe.



Our gypsy sister has a fear of people.

But probably not in the way you may think.

“[I fear] That unless we all come together, we are all sure to fall apart”.



Her favorite person she has met is a New Zealand boy named Bo, who came to work as a lifty in Aspen for the winter.

“[He] got me into some good reggae jams. Planning a trip there [to New Zealand] to vibe with the homies! It’s nice meeting down to Earth humans who share the same thoughts and frequencies as you”.

“Strangers are only friends you don’t know yet!” Jenn says.




Jenn stays mindful during her “free time”.

“Any time during the day you have a quiet moment, soak in the silence. That is all yours. I practice yoga, read, write, hike, draw. Basically any form of self expression to remain focused on the presence”.

Her most life changing moment?

“I feel like that’s every day, it all adds up. Taking my first cross country road trip last year opened up my eyes and ignited my wanderlust spirit. It gave me that confidence that I could do this. After that summer I never wanted to stop seeing and searching”

I repeat; The universe moves us in strange strange ways. We are not always aware of what is happening, but we eventually realize that we were put in certain situations, have met certain people or made certain choices for reasons unknown to us at the time.

“Never stop wandering. Never stop wondering”. said Jenn.

“I have lived in many places for short periods of time. However, being on my own, Colorado is the land I chose to reside in solo. Australia will be next!”

Speaking of Australia and FUN FACT: I will be crossing paths with this gypsy wandering vagabond in Aussie in just a few short months, with her beautifully pregnant sister and our dear friend, Aimee and I am so grateful and excited to see where this path takes all of us.



“Jennifer Fagundes

24 Earth rotations around the sun.

Many more to come.

I’d like to end this in gratitude, for all the brave women and men out there who live life differently. Who feed their souls. Who explore new lands. New people. New life. Thank you, light warriors. Keep shining.

Love, light, cheers”.



I asked Jenn what the craziest thing she’s ever done was.

“I was peeing in the woods, heard a bear, saw a bear, outran (fast walk… Never run!) a bear”.



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