Where it all began

This is me yesterday, thinking I need to start a travel blog:


Don’t I look thrilled? Wheels turning people, and sun shining.

As this is my first real life travel blog post, here is a little bit about me and where it all began..

I have this wanderlust within me, as I am so sure many many people do. And I want to talk about it. I want to share it. I want YOU to get ME, and understand my story. My story that is in the works. Forever in the works. My life story.

These will be the words of my life story. My world. As me. My perspective and my experiences.

Just over one year ago, I was 22, confused as hell, living at home, undesirably lacking optimism.

I had graduated college about seven months earlier. With a nutrition degree, minor in Sociology and a dual degree in EcoGastronomy. Whatever that is. Just kidding, it is like food sustainability. Google “Slow Food” or “Carlos Petrini”. Don’t feel like it? Okay, I will tell you a little bit about it. It is only fair I do so, as this big strange word is really my reason for falling in love with the world and it’s endless possibilities in the way that I have.

Rewind five years from now (holy cow how has it been that long). Sophomore year of college, general education class. “Introduction to EcoGastronomy”. This will be…interesting. I sit in class, look around. There are hippies. Like real hippies. Dread locks, unshowered, no backpacks, no shoes. Hippies. “I could be a hippie” I think. Okay I see a girl I kind of know. Whatever lets get this thing started. I think I was supposed to read part of a book. Shit.

“Good, Clean, Fair food production”. That is how class starts. I make a reminder for myself; that is the phrase I will from now on use to describe this big word.

And then we get in a line in the front of the room and say what our favorite food is. I probably said peanut butter. Or chocolate. Yeah I probably said chocolate. Nope, I just remembered, I said apple. Who am I.

Other than sharing our “favorite food” with the class, all I really remembered was the “mandatory trip to Bra, Italy” in order to call yourself an EcoGastronomy dual major.

Count. Me. In.

Fast forward a couple months. I somehow survived the introduction class, cooked a “dorm dinner” with a real hippie who made the most mouthwatering caramelized onion flatbread I ever had, convinced my parents I was studying abroad for five months, found myself an apartment to live in for the summer, and had somehow survived two years of college.

I. am. on. a. roll.

“Find a roommate day” for Italy came long. Turns out a girl I used to lifeguard with is going to Italy too. We shall be roommates. She seems cool. Little did I know that we would end up sharing lots of tears, 2 am phone calls to our parents about a “lady on drugs” following us up the stairs to our hotel room, hundreds of pounds of gelato, terrible Skype dates to our very worried parents about a “lady on drugs” following us up the stairs to our hotel room, probably hundreds of bottles of wine, countless memories on trains and planes, unhealthy amounts of chocolate, a terrifying plane ride where we would circle the London airport in a blizzard for over an hour while the flight attendants fed us free chocolate and wine to keep us calm, so many laughs and more tears, and this spunky lifeguard diva would wake up at 3 am in our tiny room in Bra, Italy with her sunglasses on and look at me, and in that instant I would realize that she would be a life long best friend.


After months of living with this lady, and traveling around seven plus countries with eight wildly interesting girls, who all have a very special place in my heart, made my semester abroad worth every single tear, laugh, moment of confusion and heartache, every moment getting lost or missing a train or being abandoned in a sketchy train station in the middle of the night, worth it. I would not exchange my time in Italy for a million dollars.

This trip became a home away from home. It became a learning experience and an ignition to my ever consuming wanderlust.


I cannot wait to tell you about the turbulent directions my life has taken since this young and naive 20 year old travelled Europe for a bit, to understand the word; “EcoGastronomy”.

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