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It is ok to fail because it means you at least tried. The failure we are talking about is leaving this life without having tried to make this world a better place. We are strong believers in our motto “Let Love Conquer”, we truly believe that even the smallest acts of spreading love can have the biggest impact

When I first decided to reach out to Gypsy Vodka, about telling their story, I was excited to share an interview about two entrepreneurial twin brothers whom I had been introduced to through my best friends in Colorado. I never thought I would be so moved by their story.

Gypsy may be a vodka company, but it is so much more than distilled sweet corn.

“It is a lifestyle, it is an adventure, it is an ode to the people we have met along the way, and it is our path to bliss” the twins, Adam and Michael, told me.


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photo by @oe_original


Gypsy is a vodka company.

It is a lifestyle.







I understood both of those before I got in touch with the Gypsy twins. What I did not know or understand was the rawness and the beautiful truth of the “gypsy lifestyle”, what this meant to the brothers and the serious amount of passion and honesty that went into creating this brand.

Let me start by introducing a story about the beautiful inspiration for their gypsy lifestyle.


“Lucile Grace Causley. She was the first flower girl we knew, our first look into the gypsy lifestyle” said the twins.

“She filled a room of people and immediately bonded them all through her love. Lucy was hands down the most amazingly beautiful, inside and out, person we have ever known. Her love for everyone and everything is something not seen in most people, she had a free-spirit and a sense of adventure that drove her to inspire anyone who has ever been in contact with her. Lucy was the first person we knew who moved out to Colorado, she was the trail blazer for the rest of us”.

A trailblazer not only for the lifestyle, but perhaps Gypsy Vodka, as well.

“Although a few years younger than us we always looked up to her. She taught us the importance of life, she showed us to live freely, love all, and always follow your heart” explained the twins.


Isn’t that what it [life] is all about? Love and being free. Following your passions and your dreams, being kind to everybody that comes across your path.

I wish I had a chance to meet Lucy.

She passed away in a house fire, during the twins’ freshman year of college.

“It was one of the toughest things we ever had to cope with but at the same time it was the single most life changing experience” the boys told me “Most people in attendance at her funeral were wearing flower crowns and had their faces painted”.


“It was from that day on I knew that we have one life to live, so cherish it, live it to the fullest, and most importantly love. Lucy’s life lessons have shaped us and guided us to who we are today”.

“We love you Lucy and we will always ‘Believe in Happiness'”.

It is clear Lucy had a contagious passion for life, and was a huge inspiration for Gypsy Vodka, and it is easy to see that the relationships the Gypsy brothers have in their life are very important. When I asked them where they feel most at home, they replied “Anywhere by the water with a bonfire and our friends”.




While they feel most at home in such an environment, their true hometown of Bingham Farms, Michigan is a very special place as well.

“When we aren’t on the road we are living at our parents house sharing the same room we grew up in. We are very blessed that my parents support us and allow us to live at home rent free while we chase our dreams” the boys said.

Many people hate admitting to “living at home”, even just for a brief moment in time. It takes a sense of pride, honesty and an open mind for twenty year olds to not only spend time living with their parents, but to seriously appreciate it.

I am one of those people. I moved home for a few months to spend time with family before taking off across the world. Family time is so precious and often times we underestimate how much of it we might truly have.


The twins just got back from a family “Tour de Europe” and had an amazing time, mostly because the time was well spent with the entire family.

“It [had] always been my mom’s dream to go to Italy with her sons so we are taking the trip of a lifetime” they told me before they took off.


@gypsyvodka in europe


Now that they are back from a little bit of gypsy travel, the boys are living in Michigan, mostly between metro Detroit and northern Michigan.

“We are in the process of opening a distillery in Petoskey, which is a small lake town in northern michigan. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth and has the most amazing water”.

Good water equals good vodka.


photo by @oe_original


This may come as a surprise, but vodka was not the original plan.

“At first we were more interested in opening a craft distillery and making whiskeys and gins. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for us we were 24 at the time and no bank would give us a loan to start a distillery. With no funding available instead of giving up on our dream we started to do a lot of research and realized we could make vodka as a way into the industry”.



Whether or not this seemed to be good luck or bad luck at the time, I think it worked out well for the brothers.

“Not getting any funding was truly a blessing in disguise, it forced us to follow our own unique path which trasnformed us as human beings and made us who we are today”.

How is that for a positive mindset?

That is something I can truly see with these boys. They have passion, desire and a positive outlook on life and it’s possibilities, its paths and its opportunities.

Even when times are tough, you have to be able to find and fuel the light while simultaneously carrying gratitude, if you want to succeed.

“Starting Gypsy was not easy, it took two years, many long nights living out of our car or tent, and a few odd jobs to make ends meet, but that whole process shaped us into who we are today”.

I love hearing about the raw truth and struggles, because there are so many people who are terrified to follow their dreams, because it seems too difficult or they are afraid of failing.

OF COURSE you are going to fail and you are going to face hardships. That is all part of the process. There will always be ups and downs.

Speaking of ups and downs, “Life right now is a big roller coaster ride. Work has kinda started to take over our life, but in a good way. We travel for work a lot and practically live life on the road, living out of our Gypsy Van”.


It is clear that these boys are constantly on the move and by now I am sure you are very curious as to where the idea for Gypsy Vodka really ignited.

I cannot be happier to say that the lightbulb initially went off in my favorite place that I have ever called home; Breckenridge, Colorado.

“We were skiing one day and met a distiller from Denver who started to tell us about his passion for making booze. Loving to drink, it wasn’t long before his passion ignited ours and we decided to follow in his footsteps”.

You know the rest was just history from there.



I was very curious as to why Gypsy promotes their vodka so strongly as being “gluten free”. Gluten free has become very popular these days, whether it is for health reasons or just a trendy opportunity to indulge in the “gluten free desserts” at the local bakery, but vodka isn’t something that people really questioned as being gluten free until more recently.

Of course, to no surprise, the brothers were just looking out for their friends and family.

“We grew up around people with celiacs, and we felt for them when we would be at a restaraunt and bar and they couldn’t eat or drink with the rest of us. That is why we distill with a non-gmo sweet corn so our vodka is naturally gluten-free and certified vegan”.

How do you like that for incorporating everyone’s needs.

I figured I would ask the boys if they prefer beer or wine (when not drinking Gypsy Vodka of course).

“Wine for sure, not just any wine but the classiest most masculine wine around, Franzia sunset blush *served slapped”, was the response.

Ha ha.

Favorite food they could live off of forever?

“Gypsy is made from corn so can we say Gypsy Vodka?”


Both twins prefer tea over coffee and when asked if they prefer writing or reading, well the answer was “painting”.

Speaking of art, Gypsy Vodka has a beautifully soulful logo.


“The logo is the direct result of not having money to work with a design firm and having an amazing best friend who is insanely talented”.

Just friends helping friends.

“Our best friend, Jack Frasco’s little sister who is like a little sister to us is the artist behind the logo. Jen came over and within 30 minutes we had the most beautiful picture we have ever seen. We knew right away that what she drew was exactly what we wanted”.

As you can see, friendship is so important to the Gypsy twins, which is why when I asked them how they felt about talking to strangers, their answer could not have been more perfect.

“Everyone is a stranger at once, go make a friend”.

I asked them what they thought their friends and family thought of their lifestyle.

“I think they are starting to see why we love it so much. Our parents are the two most important people in our life so having them support our lifestyle means the world to us”

These boys travel quite a bit, they love to travel and it is important that their job allowed them to do so.

“We get stir crazy so we are thankful our jobs provide us with a lot of opportunities to travel and escape”.

What are they currently doing for work (other than building an amazing vodka company) you ask?

“We both have had multiple jobs but the one that has had the biggest impact on Gypsy Vodka is the one we currently work part time for, Sloth Steady.

Check them out for festival attire and more! ^

“While living in colorado we had the opportunity to reconnect with a college acquaintance, Ben Richards. He introduced us to Nate Russel who was in the process of going on tour with a festival pin and apparrell company. One thing led to another which led to all of us becoming best friends which led to us going on festival tour for the last 3 summers”.

The twins gave a huge shout out to Ben and Nate. I asked them to tell me about a favorite person they have met along their adventures, and although they said there were too many to choose from, they narrowed it down to giving a big thanks to these guys.

“If it wasnt for these two amazing souls Gypsy would not be here today. Sloth Steady was not just a job for us but it was our life for two summers, we were a family. We each experienced so much with one another we were able to grow as friends, a company, and individuals”.



What was life like for these boys before Gypsy Vodka?

“We were working a 9-5 as consultants kinda feeling unsatisfied with our day to day life. So one day we decided to quit work and head west for Breckenridge Colorado”.

And we all remember what happened in Breckenridge…right?

Okay okay here are the faces behind your new favorite gluten free, gypsy-lifestyle vodka!


Michael 26: “I am the younger twin, which means I am the better twin. I am very thankful for the way my life has shaped out, even though I still share a room with my brother I love my life. If you would’ve told me this is what i was doing 10 years ago I would’ve thought you were crazy. I initially wanted to go to dental school, but not being smart enough I am glad I found my true passion. This life has given me the opportunity to truly be myself”.

Adam 26:

“I’m the brains (drop the mic).

No I’m grateful that I’m in business with my twin because if we were just brothers I don’t think this would be possible. We vibe off each other and no matter the fight we are best friends thirty seconds after it’s over. Oh ya we also end our days at 420 🙂 “.


Final thoughts from the Gypsy twins, on “free time”…

“Free time means having time to escape from your daily life, feel free, and not worry about anything. We love to “think tank”. We will sit around for hours or go be with nature and just let our thoughts be heard by one another”.


Where you can follow the gypsy journey:


“Let Love Conquer”

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