Early Morning in Kuta Square

This place is a beautiful mess.

We woke up at 5:45 this morning to watch the sunrise. An unintentional decision to walk left began the wildly evoking stroll through a buzzing Kuta Square, and now we smell like trash.


Aimee’s instincts led us this route.

Small wild cats with hunchbacks perched on broken cement walls and dogs with missing patches of hair wiggle past our toes and I think they would follow us if we invited them.

Remnants of burnt incense line the roadsides. So does dog urine and trash bags. So does love.

Smiles and “hallos”, head nods and honking horns blister through the temporary morning silence. The day has begun again.



This is the morning rush in Kuta Square. It is hectic but peaceful as the sun rises because during the day it is nuts. We can’t walk five feet without being haggled to buy something. The beach is horrible. I can’t even go in the water. Just going in knee deep means pieces of trash cling to your legs. It breaks my heart. It is such a beautiful mess.

Yesterday, we sat in chairs on the beach to “rent them” and got bombarded with people massaging us putting drinks in our hands, putting bracelets on us and trying to do our nails and hair. After an hour most of them left and some locals sat with us and we played guitar and sang right there on the beach. This was one of the best moments in my life.

It breaks my heart and makes me so grateful at the same time. These people have beautiful souls I think.

It’s so crazy because we have places like this in our own country and we just don’t think about it everyday.

Like NYC.

This place is dirty.

This place is real.




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